Leikeim Weißbier - alcohol free

Leikeim Weissbier alkoholfrei Flaschenkopf
Leikeim Weissbier alkoholfrei Etikett
Leikeim Weissbier alkoholfrei Flaschenfuss

Pleasantly sparkling, fruity fresh with a well-balanced acid finish. And all this, alcohol free! Our refreshing alcohol-free alternative, which appeals to more than just athletes.



Brewing: top-fermented
Acohol content
<0,5 %
Color opal, rich yellow with orange tones
Aroma: fruity

Enjoyment recommendation

Serving temperature:
Glass recommendation: Slim, high stemmed glass
Goes well with: As a thirst quencher after sports, with salads or turkey


hops/tangy hopfig 1
full-bodied vollmundig
aromatic aromatisch 3

Leikeim alcohol-free Weissbier in a slim, high stemmed wheat beer glass.

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Brauhaus Leikeim
Gewerbegebiet 4
96264 Altenkunstadt

Tel: 09572-7505-0
Fax: 09572-7505-31 (Verwaltung)
Fax: 09572-75 05-51

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